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Dynetics to build carbon dioxide scrubbers for space

Dynetics has been awarded a $9,248,070 contract by NASA's Johnson Space Center to design, develop, build and fly a carbon dioxide (CO2) and potentially other undesirable gases removal system for the International Space System. The CO2 "scrubber" is an Express Rack flight experiment that can be used with the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS).

"The miniature C02 scrubbing system will demonstrate an advanced technology that is needed in space. The reduced size will renovate the air while helping astronauts to decrease the amount of time for maintenance and logistics. It could be used on spacecraft, compact space suits and habitats," said Mark Fisher, Dynetics Space Division program manager.  

The hardware will be will delivered in June of 2019 and will be flown to the ISS using a commercial vehicle.