Critical Infrastructure Surveillance Made Efficient and Effective: New GroundAware CS4 Radar Monitors 2,000 Acres with Single Unit, Enables Owner/Operators to Focus on Actual Threats

Wednesday April 06, 2016

GroundAware CS4, the newest version of Dynetics' reconfigurable surveillance radar, brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to critical infrastructure owner/operators who must monitor extensive perimeters and grounds for potential security threats posed by humans, animals, vehicles and aircraft. GroundAware CS4 enables security operators to discover intrusions from longer ranges, respond to potential threats based on greater real-time intelligence and easily integrate GroundAware with other security assets.  Dynetics unveiled the new product this week at ISC West.

Longer-range surveillance. GroundAware CS4 introduces a new level of radar sensitivity that enables surveillance coverage beyond a range of 3.5 km and across a 120° field of view. This expanded coverage means that critical infrastructure owner/operators can efficiently identify and track potential ground threats across 2,000 acres using a single, easy-to-implement radar system. This long-range surveillance of large areas provides greater lead time for responding to intrusions, while eliminating the costly need for a dozen or more short-range sensors to cover areas of equivalent size. As a result, surveillance coverage costs less than $60 per acre with GroundAware (one-tenth the cost of competing systems) and less than $3 per linear foot of perimeter (nearly an 80 percent savings versus competitors). 

Real-time threat intelligence. GroundAware CS4 provides enhanced intelligence for capturing and processing data on detected threats - location, heading, speed, size and gait movement, for example. Based on customers' needs and preferences, GroundAware uses this data to automatically classify and distinguish different types of threats (human, animal, vehicle and aircraft), slew cameras to track intrusions and generate alarms and alerts on actual threats. With this intelligent surveillance, GroundAware enables owner/operators to focus resources more effectively and avoid costly distractions caused by false and nuisance alarms. 

Easy integration with other security assets. GroundAware CS4 is built on an open architecture that supports straightforward integration of GroundAware's detection, tracking, classification and notification capabilities with electro-optical and thermal/infrared cameras, video management systems, video verification systems, access control systems, acoustic sensors, GPS and other security technologies. With this integration, GroundAware instantaneously directs a number of responsive actions, including the cuing and slewing of cameras to track intruders, triggering of security lights to flood an intrusion area and pushing alarm data to a police dispatching system. GroundAware's open-system approach means that critical infrastructure owner/operators who invest significantly in security technologies can invest in GroundAware for its unique capabilities, with the assurance that the system will also complement and extend the value of other existing or planned security investments. 

"Dynetics offers 40-plus years of delivering technical solutions that address complex threats for the defense, intelligence, space and critical infrastructure sectors," said Dynetics President Greg Lester. "We are pleased to introduce GroundAware CS4 as a next-generation surveillance solution that provides customers an efficient means of monitoring and responding intelligently to threats across large, extended areas for a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies."

About GroundAware

GroundAware is a digital beamforming pulse Doppler S-band radar that detects intrusions in real time and instantaneously generates and share actionable data on potential ground-based threats. GroundAware serves the perimeter and ground surveillance needs of general aviation and commercial airports, electric power transmission and distribution sites, power generation facilities, oil and gas drilling sites, mines, prisons and other critical infrastructure. For more information about GroundAware, visit

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