Dynetics Introduces Enterprise Cyber Threat Monitoring Solution

Thursday June 04, 2015

According to the 2014 SANS Security Analytics and Intelligence Survey, 36 percent of businesses cite an inability to recognize potential threat activity in their IT environment. Thirty percent cite the lack of people, skills and resources necessary to analyze potential threat activity. And many businesses don't know they've been hacked until law enforcement notifies them. Dynetics representatives are describing at the Southeastern Cyber Security Summit being held in Huntsville this week how NetAlert can help. 

"NetAlert is a cost-effective cyber threat monitoring solution developed by Dynetics to provide the visibility and expertise small and mid-sized businesses need to identify, detect and defend against cyber threats," officials explain. Part of the Dynetics Cyber RiskScope™ portfolio of cyber risk management solutions, NetAlert is available immediately. 

NetAlert uses a non-intrusive monitoring device installed in the customer's IT environment to send threat activity alerts to Dynetics cybersecurity analysts and provide analysts access to computer system and network logs. Dynetics cybersecurity analysts then provide validated security incident alerts to customers that enable customers to respond quickly and effectively. Dynetics also provides a monthly analysis of security activities monitored by NetAlert.  

"NetAlert is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that can't afford to hire a cyber threat analyst, but still need an affordable, continuous cyber situational awareness solution," said Robert Dowling, Cyber RiskScope product manager. "With NetAlert, Dynetics experts keep watch over networks and systems, while customers run their businesses."

About Cyber RiskScope 

Cyber RiskScopeTM is a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions that equips board members, business owners and managers to easily understand cyber risk. Enterprise stakeholders can visualize the impact of cyber incidents, the likely threats they face and cybersecurity investments needed to meet security and budget requirements. Developed by Dynetics, a 40-year provider of advanced engineering and IT solutions to a range of government and commercial sectors, Cyber RiskScope's offerings include an online self-assessment portal, executive-level assessments, comprehensive assessment and mitigation services, and enterprise security monitoring services. For more information, visit www.dynetics.com/riskscope

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