Speaker at Upcoming Cyber Security Event to Use Sci-Fi to Examine Real-World Security Vulnerabilities

Thursday July 24, 2014

At this summer's Rocket City TakeDownCon, Kellman Meghu in his keynote presentation will examine real-world advanced persistent threats to critical infrastructure using entertaining allusions to a popular sci-fi storyline in which a mythical "Galactic Empire" suffers a significant data loss that eventually destroys critical infrastructure. Meghu will explore what might have happened had a proper security plan been in place. He will re-examine the situation to understand how even the most basic policy approach could have saved the Empire's business, employees' lives and, ultimately, billions of dollars. 

Meghu, head of security engineering for Canada and the central United States for Check Point Software Technologies Inc., will perform a postmortem on the Galactic Empire from the perspective of a security audit at Rocket City TakeDownCon. The conference is scheduled for Aug. 18-19 at the Dynetics Solutions Complex, 1004 Explorer Blvd., Huntsville, Ala., with pre-conference training Aug. 14-17. 

With almost 20 years of experience deploying application protection and network-based security, Meghu has consulted on various network security strategies to protect ISPs in southern Ontario, as well as being involved in security audits and security infrastructure deployments for various commercial and governmental entities across Canada and the central United States. He has experience in day-to-day operational work in complex security networks, policy planning, management and documentation. He has participated in multiple conferences and training venues, and his use of sci-fi to address cyber security challenges has been popular with numerous audiences.

Rocket City TakeDownCon will feature two dynamic tracks during two days, with Monday focused on the "Attack," teaching delegates how even the most protected systems can be breached. The theme for Tuesday will be "Defense," featuring topics that will challenge attendees to determine if their defense mechanisms are prepared to thwart nefarious and persistent attacks.

The Training Academy will offer four days of intense training (Aug. 14-17) just prior to the conference. EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CHFI (Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Mobile Hacking and Forensics, Securing Windows Infrastructure, Advanced Network Defense and Hacking Secure Encryption are some of the offerings on the agenda.

Eric Lopez, EC-Council's director of conferences and events, said, "We are pleased to offer the training in conjunction with the conference, allowing participants to efficiently use travel time and money. We have some of the most sought-after technical training and certification classes offered by top training companies and led by well-respected instructors. The conference will feature an entire collection of speakers, who like Hellman, are internationally known and respected in their areas of expertise."

Dynetics Vice President Jonathan Whitcomb said, "The EC-Council Foundation continues to secure outstanding speakers to this year's agenda. We are excited about the event, which promises plenty of new and relevant information, even for last year's attendees. The world of cyber security is constantly changing, and these speakers and trainers are up to date on the latest."

For more information about the event and the current lineup of speakers, visit www.takedowncon.com.

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