Dynetics Releases Next Generation Portable Test Unit for the Automotive Industry

Friday October 10, 2014

Dynetics announced today it has released the Next Generation Portable Test Unit (NGPTU), a handheld tool designed for end-of-line electrical and diagnostic testing of automobiles during the manufacturing process. The unit, designed to ensure quality and accuracy of electrical systems before an automobile leaves the plant, is equipped with a steering wheel mount and includes a barcode scanner, tablet computer and vehicle communication interface.

The latest version of the PTU features a larger touch screen and facilitates more effective interaction with the operator. It is also more powerful with significantly more memory and disk space than previous test units. Because the PTU is based on a standard PC with a Windows operating system, it can be used to run other software products. It communicates to a central server that stores information and can generate reports. 

The NGPTU supports multiple vehicle controller area network (CAN) channels and provides a configurable series of vehicle tests. Communicating wirelessly, it collects information from visual inspection, vehicle communications, fault codes, program information and current measurement tests. It is configured to run multiple tests in parallel to reduce cycle time and is designed to survive a four-foot drop to concrete.

Bob Graves, manager of the Commercial Solutions Division at Dynetics, said, "The NGPTU's rugged design and configurable software make it a perfect tool for an end-of-the-line quality assurance system."

Dynetics has provided full-service engineering and low-volume production for automotive engineering, manufacturing and service applications for more than 20 years. 

This announcement was made at the Alabama Automotive Association's Southern Automotive Conference this week in Birmingham, Ala. For more information about the conference, visit the website.

About Dynetics Automotive

Dynetics is a market leader in advanced vehicle electrical system diagnostic and manufacturing plant floor process verification systems. These systems are used to diagnose, repair and track the quality of the electrical content of vehicles through all phases of engineering and manufacturing. These compact, easy-to-use products provide a simple, robust platform for retrieving diagnostics information related to vehicle electrical systems. Dynetics offers a flexible approach to customer needs in automotive electrical diagnostics and portable test systems.

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