Dynetics Releases New Wireless Vehicle Communications Interface

Thursday October 09, 2014

Dynetics announced today it has released a new product called the wireless vehicle communications interface (W-VCI) for use in the automotive manufacturing test process. This device provides development engineers and assembly line operators access to the diagnostic buses on a vehicle via the standard diagnostic connector located within the vehicle's cabin. 

The W-VCI, a small embedded computing device, allows communication between a vehicle and another WiFi-enabled device, or the W-VCI can operate in autonomous mode. Operators can hook it up to the vehicle to program modules along the assembly line and perform fuel priming, code clearing, link-based testing or other scripted operations. In autonomous mode, a simple "red-yellow-green" LED interface conveys application status and results to the operator.

Bob Graves, manager of the Commercial Solutions Division at Dynetics, said, "W-VCI provides a small, ruggedized platform for interfacing with the latest generation of vehicles. The tool is easily configured via the USB or WiFi interfaces. The solid state memory stores programming files to be deployed on the vehicle."

Electrical testing, such as that provided by the W-VCI, reduces warranty work for dealerships and increases customer satisfaction, said Terry Byard, manager of the Automotive Solutions Department. "With this type of testing, the manufacturer can ensure that problems are resolved before the vehicles leave the assembly line and get to the dealership and then to the customer." 

Dynetics has provided full-service engineering and low-volume production for automotive engineering, manufacturing and service applications for more than 20 years. 

This announcement was made at the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association's Southern Automotive Conference this week in Birmingham, Ala. For more information about the show, visit the website

About Dynetics Automotive

Dynetics is a market leader in advanced vehicle electrical system diagnostic and manufacturing plant floor process verification systems. These systems are used to diagnose, repair and track the quality of the electrical content of vehicles through all phases of engineering and manufacturing. These compact, easy-to-use products provide a simple, robust platform for retrieving diagnostics information related to vehicle electrical systems. Dynetics offers a flexible approach to customer needs in automotive electrical diagnostics and portable test systems.

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