SoundAware: Securing your perimeter using sound

Dynetics has developed a new capability using acoustic sensors

Tuesday April 03, 2018

Have you ever heard a noise and wondered what it was and where it was coming from? From construction sounds and animals to cars and drones, it is becoming increasingly important to know what could be entering your protected space.  Noise detection is one of the newest ways to secure a perimeter. 

Dynetics has a family of perimeter surveillance system products, GroundAware. This system uses radar technology to detect humans, animals, aircraft, and vehicles that could potentially be entering your infrastructure. Today, testing has begun on a new product that uses noise detection to identify intruders. SoundAware, an advanced acoustic perimeter security system, uses advanced signal processing to listen for sounds coming from any direction.  It was originally designed for the military to defend soldiers and sensitive locations from enemy drones and works by listening for the sounds that drones make while they fly.  With 24/7, 360-degree detection, the new system can surveil rural and urban areas. 

Here are some of the benefits of this new system: 

·     24/7 monitoring in every direction with a single SoundAware system

·     Detects many drones approaching from different directions at the same time

·     Determines the directions of approaching drones

·     Sends text, email, or other alerts to security personnel

·     Integrates seamlessly with GroundAware and other surveillance systems

·     Cues cameras and other sensors to drones for recording of video evidence

·     Enables security to follow drones back to the pilots 

·     Military-grade hardware for long-term, all-weather installations

·     No regularly-required maintenance

·     Ideal for rural and urban areas

·     Low to no nuisance alarms

·     Typical detection range of DJI Phantom drones:  Greater than five football fields

"So why should I include this asset within my security portfolio?"

The acoustic surveillance system is a new way to "see" into areas that were not easily accessible. Fencing, guards, and cameras are all necessary assets but the integration from SoundAware and its technology makes this product advantageous. Testing will be continuing throughout the year with the expectation for SoundAware to come online in late 2018/ early 2019.  

Watch our video  to see how SoundAware can be used.  


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