Propulsion Capabilities

Aerospace Hardware Design and Fabrication


Dynetics creates innovative, reliable propulsion systems based on your schedule and cost requirements. We work with a wide variety of propellants including liquids, solids, and hybrids, with experience in both green and toxic propellants: liquid and gaseous oxygen, hydrogen, kerosene, propane, methane, ethane, nitrous oxide, hydrogen peroxide, HAN, hydrazine, and HTPB.

Dynetics designs and builds prototype, development, and human space flight-compliant production propulsion systems and propulsion elements, including engines and motors, combustion devices, ignition/injection systems, and fluid pressurization systems.

  • Prototypes to space flight, parts to systems
  • Small spacecraft thrusters
  • NASA human-rated auxiliary propulsion systems
  • Solid and hybrid motors
  • Low-cost space launch propulsion
  • AS 9100 certified processes


Dynetics’ manufacturing and assembly facilities include:

  • Fabrication and assembly shop with CNC mill, orbital tube welding area, and other machines critical to propulsion system and element hardware manufacturing
  • Clean assembly, inspection, and bonded storage area, including 10,000-class clean room for critical component and system production