Space Propulsion

With propulsion design, fabrication, testing, and production expertise, Dynetics provides cost-effective results on aggressive schedules for our customers. We produce rocket engines and propulsion systems for launch vehicles, missile systems, and spacecraft, as well as propulsion system design, analysis, test, and systems engineering support.

Dynetics also has extensive experience in propulsion performance prediction, measurement, modeling, and analysis across a wide range of U.S. and foreign propulsion systems and subsystems. Our analytical capabilities include performance assessment, performance trade studies, solid propellant grain design, liquid and hybrid inlet/nozzle operation performance, thrust control subsystem assessment, and foreign materiel exploitation and test support.

Propulsion Capabilities

Dynetics delivers innovative, responsive, safe, and affordable aerospace solutions in the following areas:

  • Hardware Design and Fabrication (including human space flight propulsion systems)
  • Test, Engineering, and Analysis Services
  • Ground Support and Special Test Equipment

Our capabilities in multiple propellants include liquids, solids, and hybrids, with experience in both green and toxic propellants: liquid and gaseous oxygen, hydrogen, kerosene, propane, methane, ethane, nitrous oxide, hydrogen peroxide, HAN, hydrazine, and HTPB.

Propulsion Program Experience

Our diverse program experience with NASA, defense agencies, prime contractors, and entrepreneurial space companies gives Dynetics a unique blend of perspective and capability. We develop products and services under a lean philosophy, while meeting the most rigorous customer standards. Examples of our program experience include the following:

  • Bigelow Aerospace Sundancer
  • NASA/Boeing Ares I Upper Stage Production
  • NASA/Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation (VCSI) Lunar Lander Test Bed, Warm Gas, Test Article, and various lunar lander and spacecraft studies
  • DARPA/Airlaunch FALCON Ground Support Equipment engine testing
  • Oxygen/Methane Reaction Control System (RCS) Thruster Work

Propulsion Products

As a low-cost propulsion leader, Dynetics has designed and developed the Integrated Exciter and other propulsion systems.