Radar Frequency (RF) Signature Development

Dynetics has extensive experience in the prediction, measurement, modeling, and analysis of RF signatures and radar cross section (RCS). We are involved in all phases of RF signature modeling including requirements definition, design and optimization, prediction and modeling, static and dynamic measurements, and verification and validation. Dynetics' broad toolset allows us to select the appropriate combination of asymptotic and full-wave electromagnetic solvers that are essential to achieving realistic predictions. Translating these predictions into simulation-specific models is a key area of expertise, as Dynetics has developed hundreds of high-fidelity scattering center RF signature models for digital simulations and hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) applications.

RF Signature Prediction Tools:

Dynetics employs a broad set of tools for RF signature prediction and modeling, including government-off-the-shelf, commercial, and custom-developed codes. These include the following:

  • CAD: Pro/E, Cubit, Inventor, Rhino3D, Mechanical Desktop, Modelman
  • Asymptotic: Xpatch, Lucernhammer, Irma
  • Full-wave: SAF, HFSS, FISC, Tempus, Eiger, Serenity, CARLOS, CICERO, Galaxy, JRMBoR
  • Custom-developed codes

RF Signature Applications

  • Digital simulation / HWIL models for missile defense applications
  • Intelligence estimates and models for ballistic and cruise missiles
  • Target requirements definition and compliance analysis
  • Static range measurement planning, support, and post-processing
  • Flight test data analysis, model validation, and post-fight reconstruction
  • SAR model development for (UAV) sensor and missile seeker simulations
  • Scattering center models for RPGs, rocket, artillery, and mortars
  • RF plume signature measurements
  • Discrimination / ATR modeling and analysis
  • Hit-to-kill intercept debris modeling
  • Wind turbine RF signature analysis
  • Low-observable design / analysis
  • RF material property measurements and design
  • Clutter, background, terrain and environmental modeling