Aviation Systems

Optimizing solutions for rotary and fixed wing challenges

Both rotary and fixed wing aircraft systems have numerous and often multiple types of missions, requiring engineering challenges with various levels of complexity. Dynetics has the experience, skills, and engineering processes to optimize solutions to meet these challenges for our customers . . . from system design to fabrication.

At Dynetics, we offer the following:

  • A strong knowledge base in unmanned aviation systems (UAS) development, operations, and integration
  • Flight testing capability for UAS that incorporates our unique sensor suite for data collection
  • Exceptional design capability using CAD and other modeling to produce realistic designs that work
  • An in-house fabrication shop with state-of-the-art tooling and manufacturing processes

Our work in aviation systems includes:

  • Aviation Systems Design and Analysis
  • Advanced Payload Design, Development, and Integration
  • Flight Simulation Modeling and Analysis 
  • Flight Test Instrumentation and Telemetry 
  • Aircraft Survivability 
  • Mission Planning 
  • Unmanned Systems 
  • National Airspace Integration for Unmanned Aircraft Systems 

Solid Customer Focus

At Dynetics, we are positioned across the Army Aviation community to provide superb customer support, rapid responsiveness, and a coherent approach to customer needs.

Sound engineering is necessary for any aviation system, and our solid systems engineering process works for any size job. Our process has been applied to jobs from large Department of Defense (DoD) programs of record (POR) to small task order work for a single customer.

The same rigor that produced the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), reduced slosh in the Space Shuttle, and qualified specialized UAS payloads was applied to the fabrication of a simple antenna mount for the CH-47. In all cases, we reduce program and technical risk while maintaining the highest standards of quality work and performance for our customer.

To ensure validation and verification for airworthiness, Dynetics provides the highest quality software development and control. With our exceptional knowledge of the US Army’s airworthiness policy, procedures, and process, we reduce risk and increase success for you.

Operational experts on staff give us access to real-world experience, and cross-department teaming provides Dynetics with all the tools to solve your aviation challenges.