Wind Tunnel Models

Since 1990, Dynetics has designed and fabricated more than 50 wind tunnel models of missile and aviation systems, representing both U.S. systems and foreign threats. We have successfully executed and supported more than 100 wind tunnel tests at 20 major test facilities in the US and abroad.

Such wind tunnel tests involve highly complex models, incorporating multiple strain-gauge balances, remote-control fin actuators, spinning-tail and rolling airframe mechanisms, spin-damping setups, flow-through inlet operability, jet-interaction control, base/plume flow, and captive trajectory systems for stage separation and store dispense. Dynetics provides wind tunnel test coordination and planning, on-site test support and data analysis, and post-test analysis and documentation to ensure customer needs are met.

Dynetics has acted as the sole testing agent for numerous prime contractors, performing all aspects of wind tunnel testing from model design development through test planning; coordination; and execution, data analyses, and aerodynamic math model development.

We work closely with the customer to define wind tunnel model hardware and testing requirements to ensure there is quality data to accurately represent configuration aerodynamics. Where applicable, wind tunnel models are designed with a great degree of modularity to encompass parametric variations for design trade studies, as well as reutilization of the model for future design changes. To reduce model investments, we can design model hardware for use in multiple wind tunnel facilities.