The accurate and detailed design, development, analysis, and testing of missile systems demand full-spectrum engineering support. Dynetics has developed rapid, effective, and proven methods to determine efficient design solutions for a broad range of aerodynamic systems, whether it's a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) preparing to drop needed medical supplies to remote troops; a 20,000-pound munition targeting a deeply buried command center; an anti-tank missile scorching the deck at six times the speed of sound; or an active protection system engaging an incoming threat in half a second.

With experience in all aspects of applied and theoretical aerodynamics and core competency in the areas of missile and UAV aerodynamic design, analysis, wind tunnel/flight testing, and aerodynamic math model development for flight simulations, our specific capabilities include the following:

  • Developing a conceptual airframe configuration design
  • Maturing the design through aerodynamic and structural analyses
  • Fabricating model hardware for wind tunnel or flight testing
  • Performing wind tunnel/flight tests (including test planning and on-site test support)
  • Validating design predictions and test data through analysis
  • Developing high-fidelity aerodynamic math models for flight simulations