Survivability and Lethality Assessment

Assessing survivability against threats; developing assessment tools

Battlefield success depends on the survival and effectiveness of soldiers and military systems, as well as the proper evaluation of system lethality to enemy forces. Dynetics provides expertise in assessing overall survivability against threats and has developed tools for lethality assessment.

Providing analyses and recommendations to improve battlefield survivability drives weapon system development efforts and product improvement programs.

Survivability Assessment

Survivability is a key component of any military ground or aerial vehicle in regards to both the protection of soldiers in a manned platform and the defense of the vehicle to allow the completion of a mission or use in another one. Dynetics provides survivability assessments and evaluates survivability technologies and approaches available for vehicles against threat weapon systems.

Owing to Dynetics' years of threat exploitation and analyses experience, we have an in-depth understanding of how specific survivability technologies mitigate threats. Our continuous working relationship with US Intelligence agencies has also given us valuable insights and necessary access to information on technical characteristics, proliferation, and vulnerabilities of threat weapons.

Typically, a tradeoff analysis must be conducted to determine the combination of survivability technologies that will most effectively mitigate a threat while meeting the size, weight, power, cost and robustness requirements of a particular vehicle.

In performing tradeoff analyses of specific survivability technologies, Dynetics has assessed critical parameters to the overall equation for probability of survivability. Dynetics has presented and published more than 30 technical papers at the Ground Vehicle Survivability Symposium, the Ground Systems Modeling Validation & Testing Workshop, and the Military Sensing Symposium CC&D working group.

Dynetics' Approach to Survivability

Dynetics has provided customers with services in the survivability area since the early 1990s, using the classic “onion skin” approach to survivability, which includes:

  • Detection avoidance
  • Hit avoidance
  • Penetration avoidance
  • Kill avoidance

Lethality Assessment

Assessing warhead technologies for their effectiveness against hard and soft targets is important in the efforts to continually improve weapon systems.

Dynetics has developed a Matlab tool that enables studies of soft-target lethality and fragment intercept statistics for placed targets. The tool will compute lethality for area targets, i.e., a single detonation point with surrounding area randomly populated by soft targets; or for point-targets, i.e., a single set of soft targets with the detonation point moved around.

The area lethality tool is used to provide rapid lethality performance assessments of fragmenting warheads, and the point-target tool is used to determine system effectiveness for fragmenting warheads when combined with aim and hit point errors.

With a combination of threat expertise, weapons system experience, and engineering excellence, Dynetics is equipped to provide customers with the best and most cost-effective solutions for their survivability and lethality applications.