Advanced Sensors

Dynetics evaluates, develops, tests, and integrates advanced sensor technologies for a wide array of applications including battlefield surveillance, fire control, intelligence, target acquisition, and guidance and control. From its inception, Dynetics has performed critical analyses on sensor technologies related to national defense and space control.

These technologies include virtually all modalities and spectral regions of electromagnetic radiation, encompassing the following categories: radar, passive radio-frequency, laser, electro-optical/infra-red (EO/IR), hyperspectral imaging, active and passive millimeter wave, and polarimetric imaging.

Dynetics has also worked with other types of sensors including acoustic, seismic, magnetic, and thin-film sensors. We perform testing, evaluation, analysis, and modeling of sensor performance and effectiveness related to a multitude of experimental and operational systems.

Dynetics has made substantial contributions to ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and other threats by supporting the modernization of sensors used by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In addition to our development of sensor capabilities for friendly forces, we have developed countermeasures that use active and passive means to suppress the adversary’s sensor capabilities.

Through our sensor-related expertise, we solve diverse space-related problems including space-based sensors for navigation, such as the use of a startracker for precise determination of spacecraft attitude states. We are prototyping ground-based multispectral sensor suites that track and characterize space objects in support of space situational awareness (SSA).

Dynetics is helping maintain and build sensor capabilities for defense and security needs where they exist, from the warfighter on the ground to space-based sensor suites.