IR/Optical/UV Signature Development

Dynetics has substantial experience developing missile, UAV, aircraft, and ground vehicle IR signature models, missile fly-out scenes, and texture-mapped models. Hardbody models are developed from geometric or faceted representations combined with physical and optical material properties/characteristics. IR signature models are used for threat signature prediction/analysis, verification of targets and countermeasures, and thermal hardbody analysis. Dynetics also develops integrated hardbody/plume models as a function of nozzle geometry and fuel composition for cases where substantial exhaust signature is anticipated or where the total missile signature is required.

IR / Optical / UV Signature Prediction Tools:

  • JANNAF standard plume modeling tools: VIPER, SPP, SPF, SPURC, CHARM
  • Hardbody codes: OSC and OPTISIG
  • Signature / Scene Generation Tools: SPIRITS, CHAMP, SSGM, MUSES, FLITES
  • CAD software: Pro/E, SolidWorks, Cubit, Rhino3D, Mechanical Desktop, I-DEAS, Modelman
  • Custom-developed tools

IR / Optical / UV Signature Applications

  • Digital simulation / HWIL models for missile defense applications
  • Intelligence estimates and models for ballistic and cruise missiles
  • Target requirements definition and compliance analysis
  • Range measurement planning, support, and post-processing
  • UAV signature measurement, modeling, and model verification
  • Flight test data analysis, model validation, and post-flight reconstruction
  • Discrimination / ATR modeling and analysis
  • Hit-to-kill intercept flash modeling
  • Clutter, background, terrain and environmental modeling