Acoustic Signature Development

Dynetics uses its state-of-the-art field measurement equipment to measure UAV, aircraft, ground vehicle, and architectural acoustic signatures. Dynetics' acoustic propagation tools incorporate the widely used fast-field program to determine source spectral signature given at-range measurements, and ultimately to propagate the source signature forward for specific environmental conditions to determine audibility footprints. Dynetics utilizes standard software packages and writes customized code for spectral analysis and automated quality assessment.

Acoustic Signature Prediction Tools/Applications:

  • Acoustic Propagation Tools: Fast-field program, NASA’s Acoustic Repropagation Technique (ART) and Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM)
  • Acoustic Modeling Tools: Generic reconfigurable anti-helicopter mine model
  • Measurement / Analysis Software: Labview, Signal Express, Matlab
  • Custom Developed Tools

Acoustic Signature Applications:

  • Sound Hemisphere Generation: Measurement and processing of unmanned aircraft (UA) data to form representative sound hemispheres for flight simulation.
  • Acoustic Detectability / Route Planning: Simulation of UA flight using sound hemispheres to determine ground detectability and to plan less vulnerable flight routes.
  • Source Signature Comparison: Analysis of measured signatures for comparison to requirements in support of source selection.
  • Speaker Quality Assessment: Measure tonal input to subject speakers for auto determination of speaker quality on assembly line.