Aircraft Survivability

Decreasing the vulnerability of aircraft in war is an ongoing challenge. Dynetics has led efforts to reduce lethality to modern aircraft through our foreign materiel exploitation (FME), M&S, and counter-MANPADs testing and development. We have an advanced level of understanding of threat missiles, radars, optics, and C4I systems and their operation as an integrated system.

Dynetics supports the improvement, production, and distribution of intelligence-based information for the warfighter through programs such as the Next Generation Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database System (NGES). This system provides high-fidelity models of foreign systems and their assets.

Dynetics developed the Generic Reconfigurable AHM (anti-helicopter mine) Model to assess the susceptibility and vulnerability of US helicopters to AHMs and to aid in the development of countermeasures. This model simulates mine behavior and estimates the warhead miss distance.

We are supporting our customers in the collection of robust acoustic signatures using state-of-the-art equipment to support acoustic survivability studies.