Advanced Payload Design, Development, and Integration

Dynetics has extensive expertise in the integration and testing of high technology payloads with aviation platforms. We design and develop a number of payloads, and we work closely with other aircraft and payload manufacturers to integrate their systems.

An example of Dynetics’ advanced payload development and integration solutions is the Quick Materiel Express Delivery System (Quick-MEDS), a precision-guided resupply pod designed for deployment from UAS.

Quick-MEDS is a precision, multi-mission delivery system designed to transport small, critically needed packages from UAS in the air to troops on the ground. Possible payloads for this air-drop system include medical supplies, batteries, water, ammunition, and a wide variety of other equipment needed in emergency situations.

The pod features precision guidance via an on-board global positioning system/inertial navigation system (GPS/INS) system, a miniature control actuation system (CAS) to drive the control fins, an on-board flight computer, a two-stage parachute for use near the ground, and energetics for chute deployment (pyro thrusters and cutters). Dynetics is the prime contractor for Quick-MEDS, including electrical design and fabrication; mechanical design and fabrication; pylon fabrication; sub-system testing; system integration; aircraft modification and integration; and test planning and support.

Dynetics’ support of Quick-MEDS includes:

  • Installation of aviation hardware into military aircraft
  • Application and fabrication of aircraft instrumentation systems and subsystems (a flight computer, GPS/INS, and analog measurement devices are integrated into the Quick-MEDS pods)
  • Fabrication of wiring harnesses to include soldering, cable fabrication, and plug and connector installation in accordance with schematics and interface control documents
  • Engineering drawing and electrical schematic reading and interpreting
  • Component removal, replacement, and identification; electrical and electronic system and component troubleshooting
  • Use of common powered and non-powered hand tools and electronic test equipment
  • Structural test set-up and execution
  • Aircraft mechanical component fabrication for non-standard systems and subsystems
  • Coordination of aircraft interface and integration issues with project personnel on standard and non-standard systems and subsystems