Our nation faces growing security concerns from asymmetric threats, disruptive technologies, and weapons of mass destruction. These threats increase the requirements on the Intelligence Community for rapid discovery and dissemination of accurate, timely intelligence. Scientific and Technical Intelligence (S&TI) is a key component of this process as the proliferation of systems and technologies places more sophisticated threats into the hands of a greater range of potential adversaries.

Persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) is an emergent mission due to the critical need to counter increasingly stealthy threats more effectively and within a compressed timeline.

Dynetics understands the dynamic nature of intelligence work, drawing from 38 years of direct experience with the Intelligence Community to fulfill specialized requirements that have short delivery timelines. Today, we support all S&TI centers, as well as several national intelligence agencies. Our heritage is steeped in understanding the requirements of the warfighter and providing outstanding technical solutions.

Dynetics is the industry leader in foreign materiel exploitation (FME), foreign air and missile defense systems and components, anti-ship cruise missiles, and the Threat Modeling and Analysis Program (TMAP).  We also support the production and distribution of intelligence-based information for the warfighter through programs such as the Next Generation EWIRDB system (NGES).

Our unparalleled knowledge of MANPADS places us at the forefront of understanding how to protect both military and civilian aircraft. From intelligence data analysis to deployable hardware countermeasures, we excel in providing the solutions and support necessary to prevent, disrupt, and defeat enemy attacks: Ultimately, these are the solutions needed to safeguard civilians and military personnel and equipment.

Core Capabilities