The reliability and accuracy of warheads is critical in battle. Dynetics has expertise and experience in the field of warhead design, analysis, and testing. We have supported urgent materiel development programs, resulting in weapon fielding in as little as four months and have also supported programs in production for many years.

With more than 15 years' experience in the development and evaluation of specific warhead designs, as well as research and development technologies, Dynetics understands every aspect of warhead development from concept exploration through production.

Dynetics also has experience with many of the leading test facilities and agencies in the nation supplying test planning; defining test data requirements, test procedures, and instrumentation requirements; and providing test oversight for multiple warhead programs.

We provide warhead testing in the following areas:

  • Arena testing
  • Fragment recovery testing
  • Shaped charge characterization
  • Armor performance characterization
  • Target defeat testing
  • Insensitive munition testing
  • Safety testing