Mechanical Design, Analysis, and Fabrication

Adapting to change with innovation, creativity while keeping momentum

In today's world, there is a demand for responsive expertise in mechanical design and fabrication. Priorities change quickly, and urgency and accuracy are paramount. Adapting to change with innovation, creativity, and without loss of momentum is critical.

Dynetics is specifically staffed and equipped to meet the challenges for creativity and innovation and to deliver the best solutions to our customers. From concept to production, we support our customers at any stage in the product development life cycle. Our services include:

Wind Tunnel Model Design

  • Force and Moment Models
  • Surface Pressure Models
  • Test Article Validation Models
  • Captive Trajectory Models
  • Internal Flow-Through Models

Mechanical Automation

  • Optical Systems
  • Torque Calibration Systems
  • Ladar Target Systems
  • Portable Radiac Calibration System
  • Truck and Aircraft Weight Scale Calibration System

Munition Design

  • Real-Time Customer and Requirement Drive Design
  • Structural Analysis
  • Stress and Strength-to-Weight Optimization
  • Airframe and Systems Integration
  • Warhead Design
  • Store-to-Aircraft Integration
  • Storage and Handling Systems Design


Space Flight Hardware

  • Columbia Shuttle Subscale Accident Investigation Models
  • Microencapsulation Experiment Chamber (Flight STS-70)
  • Targets and Countermeasure Components

Aerial/Ground Target Design

  • Nose and Tail Cones
  • Body Sections
  • Reels
  • GPS Systems
  • Radar Platforms

Dynetics' mechanical design and fabrication processes are well integrated to our electronics design and fabrication capabilities. This integration offers our customers complete solutions to a wide array of problems. We leverage our proven methodologies, dedication, and expertise to create practical solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Mechanical Design, Analysis, and Fabrication Core Capabilities