Flight Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Dynetics is committed to enhancing system performance through digital simulation products. We support DoD and intelligence agencies in the design and development of high-fidelity aerodynamic models and end-to-end flight simulations. These models and simulations support complete system characterization and subsystem performance for both US and foreign missiles, UAS, and helicopters.

Our aerodynamic modeling and simulation (M&S) expertise ranges from simple models that account for only the effects of aerodynamic drag to high-fidelity six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) models that completely represent the aerodynamic forces experienced by the maneuvering airframe and its control systems.

Our commitment to high-fidelity 6-DOF system modeling enables a complete analysis and assessment of system high-order behavior, such as accurate acceleration profiles, altitude effects, launch and engagement doctrine, electronics and sensors, system latencies, and system weaknesses and limitation.