Low-cost, rapid-response spacecraft
Propulsion for next-generation commercial satellites
End-to-end satellite capabilities
Managing your mission for success


Full lifecycle capabilities for small satellites

Dynetics specializes in the design, development, and operation of small satellites, which we have a proven track record for delivering quickly and at very low cost. We provide end-to-end products and services for the lifecycle of small satellites, including requirements development, material solutions, technology development, engineering and manufacturing development, qualification, production and deployment, launch, and on-orbit operational support.

Low-cost, rapid-response

Our experienced team and state-of-the-art satellite production facilities give Dynetics the capacity to make a small constellation of satellites launch-ready in 24-30 months. We demonstrated our rapid-response capability with the commercial development of FASTSAT, an ESPA-class small satellite, in less than 16 months. FASTSAT carried six experiment payloads to low earth orbit for a successful two-year mission. Designed with modular components and configurable layouts, FASTSAT supported a broad range of payloads at a lower cost and in a shorter timeframe than previously thought possible.

TerraSense small satellite platform

Dynetics now offers the TerraSense small satellite platform, which we developed based on the success of FASTSAT and multiple mission and satellite concept development efforts in recent years. TerraSense satellites support demanding imaging, remote sensing, and communications payloads requiring high bandwidth and agility in low earth orbit. With greater payload capacity at lower cost and on shorter timelines than typical designs, TerraSense meets the need for responsive, affordable satellites and constellations in commercial, civil, and defense markets.

TerraSense is the first satellite platform in this class to offer communications downlink capability in excess of 1.2Gbps. Combined with onboard data storage expandable to 1Tb, this platform supports Big Data missions such as multispectral imaging and radar. High-performance propulsion on Terrasense supports maneuvers for orbit insertion protection, phasing, and station-keeping required for constellations of small satellites to deliver quality data products throughout the mission with flight-proven, radiation-hardened components and selective redundancy, Terrasense reliable on-orbit operations for multi-year missions.

On-orbit operational support

Once a mission is on orbit, Dynetics provides spacecraft commissioning, orbital analysis and planning, spacecraft analysis and planning, command verification on avionics testbed, real-time telemetry review, post-pass data analysis, range operations, and instrumentaion tracking and analysis.