TerraSense Small Satellites

TerraSense Small Satellites

Dynetics TerraSense small satellite platform supports demanding imaging, remote sensing, and communications payloads requiring high bandwidth and agility in low earth orbit. With greater payload capacity at lower cost and on shorter timelines than typical designs, TerraSense meets the needs for responsive and affordable satellites and constellations in commercial, civil, and defense markets.

TerraSense is the first satellite platform in this class to offer communications downlink capability over 1.2 Gbps. Combined with on-board data storage expandable to one terabyte, this platform is able to support big data missions such as multispectral imaging and radar. High-performance propulsion on TerraSense supports maneuvers for orbit insertion correction, phasing, and station-keeping required for constellations of small satellites to deliver quality data products throughout the mission. With flight-proven, radiation hardened components, and selective redundancy; our satellite platform offers reliable on-orbit operations for five to seven years.

Customers can get to orbit faster at a much lower cost by sharing the launch on our small satellites that are compatible with commercial and military secondary payload guidelines. Dynetics offers two models of TerraSense to maximize payload capacity and launch opportunities. TerraSense 180 is compatible with the standard ESPA ring launch interface, and TerraSense 300 is compatible with the new ESPA-Grande which offers more mass and volume for payloads.

Key Features of TerraSense:

  • 1.2 Gbps high-speed downlink
  • Up to 1 Terabyte data storage
  • 3-axis stabilized with low jitter
  • 110 kg payload mass
  • 130 W payload power
  • 5- to 7-year life
  • ESPA and ESPA Grande models
  • 22-month schedule

Download the TerraSense Product Sheet

TerraSense Microsatellites:

TerraSense 100 is a low-cost, sub-100 kg microsatellite platform that supports a range of communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications. Sharing flight proven radiation-hardened components with the larger TerraSense platform, this microsatellite is scaled down to enable further cost savings for smaller payloads and shorter missions. Deployable either as a single microsatellite or in constellations for optimal coverage and resilience, TerraSense can be configured quickly and cost-affordably to meet unique requirements.

Key Features of TerraSense 100:

  • 75-100 kg launch mass
  • 150 Mbps high-speed downlink
  • 8 Gigabyte storage (expandable)
  • 3-axis stabilized with low jitter
  • 3-year life
  • 22-month schedule

Download the TerraSense 100 Product Sheet

Our experienced team will help assure your mission success using extensive experience in small satellite development, manufacturing, qualification, launch, and operations. Our state-of-the-art satellite production facilities enable us to set up an “assembly line” configuration, and we can have a small constellation of satellites launch-ready in 24 to 30 months.