Ground Support and Special Test Equipment

Ground Support and Special Test Equipment

Dynetics designs, builds, delivers, and operates ground support equipment (GSE) and special test equipment (STE), including test stands, for aerospace customers and for internal projects.

Dynetics has experience designing, building, maintaining, and operating test facilities. We have several operational test sites and multiple heavily reinforced test cells designed for firing liquid, solid, and hybrid rocket engines. We also have an on-site, walk-in vacuum chamber with liquid nitrogen cold walls and infrared quartz heat lamps capable of small engine thermal vacuum qualification testing. Our various test capabilities include:

  • Mobile data and control trailer
  • Cryogenic propellant test stand
  • Water-cooled thrust chambers
  • Hydrazine vacuum test cell
  • Tank burst cell and polycarbonate hydro proof/burst chamber
  • Portable test stands, test carts, and trailers for liquid and gas delivery

Dynetics’ projects include the following:

  • Cryogenic flow systems
  • A wide range of hot-fire test stands
  • Flow systems support
  • Solid propellant handling and testing
  • High pressure cycle/burst testing

The team has designed and fabricated vertical test stands ranging from small thruster testing to large booster testing up to a 200,000 lb. thrust