Phantomrf Target Generator
Advanced, DRFM target generator for radar test and evaluation

PhantomRF is an advanced, customizable digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) target generator from Dynetics. It provides radar test and evaluation programs with an affordable platform for high-fidelity false target generation.

In addition to generating false targets by repeating delayed copies of intercepted radar waveforms, PhantomRF is capable of implementing sophisticated, responsive electronic attack (EA) techniques for electronic protection (EP) testing requirements.

Key Differentiators:

Radar HWIL demonstration:  In addition to verifying performance with RF test equipment, Dynetics performs extensive hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing with a laboratory Doppler radar. This capability allows customers to observe their systems' execution of required EA techniques in range-Doppler map displays before delivery, lowering integration risk.

Integration support:  PhantomRF includes a user manual and a network interface control document (ICD) to facilitate integrating the DRFM into a larger system. Dynetics personnel support integration activities onsite, reducing integration time and risk.

Specification Typical Value Benefit
Instantaneous Bandwidth 1 GHz Supports testing with frequency agile and high-range resolution radar systems
Sampling 2.5-GHz sampling, 12-bit ADC, 14-bit DAC Dual-channel operation Provides high-fidelity reproduction of radar waveform, high dynamic range for test flexibility
Intermediate Frequency(IF) 1.375 to 2.375 GHz Second Nyquist zone sampling facilitates excellent spectral purity in radio frequency (RF) downconversion/upconversion
Target Range/ Delay 1 to 16 simultaneous targets <1- us to 4.5-ms target delay <150-m to 675-km target range Provides flexible target generation
EA Techniques Supported Coherent: range gate pulloff (RGPO), velocity gate pulloff (VGPO), coordinated RGPO/VGPO false targets, head-to-tail repeating pulse (forward and reverse) Noncoherent: Narrowband/ wideband noise cover pulse, synthetic continuous wave (CW) Flexible technique generation for understanding the detailed radar interaction of EA

Phantomrf Target Generator

Optional upgrades provide even more capabilities such as pulse detection/PRI tracking and high-speed recording.

  • RF front-end:  Although the base PhantomRF system has a fixed IF, Dynetics offers a standard 2 to 18 GHz RF downconversion/upconversion unit, or can design to meet customer RF requirements.
  • Pulse detection/pulse repetition interval (PRI) tracking:  PhantomRF has an option to detect pulses, encode pulse parameters into pulse descriptor words (PDWs), and deinterleave multiple emitters to detect and track PRIs. This functionality is useful for emitter waveform verification in test and evaluation applications and is a key enabler for advanced EA techniques against agile threats.
  • High-speed recording:  Dynetics can optionally supply a high-speed recorder to capture full-duty wideband sampled data to disk for offline analysis.
  • Additional EA techniques:  In addition to the EA techniques listed in the table, Dynetics can implement customer-specified EA techniques with firmware modifications.

Innovating Sensor Technologies Since 1974

Dynetics has a rich heritage in radar system analysis, development, and testing. We have decades of experience supporting the U.S. intelligence community in reverse engineering, providing in-depth understanding of foreign weapon system capabilities, and developing air and missile defense systems. Dynetics comprehends the detailed interactions between radar systems and EA techniques and uses this expertise to solve challenging problems.

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