MIS Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
State-of-the-art, standards-based, commercially available subcomponents Best-of-breed technologies deliver optimal performance, integration, and interoperability, while ensuring the lowest system cost. Dynetics MIS offers the latest data rates, processing power, etc.
Modular Can be designed for specific applications by simply adding modules to the system to meet testing and evaluation needs. Designing the right instrumentation for the job is quick and easy.
Configurability Can be designed to meet custom needs with little or no nonrecurring engineering — configuration changes can even be done at test sites. This unmatched flexibility saves time, money, and labor resources.
Compact size Regardless of which modules and configurations are assembled to meet customer requirements, the compact size enables MIS modules to fit into very small spaces, including shoulder-launch and missile airframes. Customers can avoid the expensive, time-consuming process of modifying oversized instrumentation units to fit inside weapons undergoing tests.
Value-added services Dynetics services for data collection and test range ground support come from a 20-year leader in instrumentation solutions. Working from the Dynetics MIS mobile facilities, our experts use leading-edge telemetry receivers, test equipment, and real-time analysis tools at customers’ test sites to provide timely, objective data collection and analysis. Our services maximize the value customers receive from their investments in Dynetics MIS technology.

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