Instrumentation and Telemetry

Instrumentation and Telemetry

Weapons systems must be proven highly effective and reliable before they are fielded. The Dynetics Modular Instrumentation System (MIS) is a comprehensive suite of solutions for the testing and evaluation of weapons systems. It is highly configurable, compact in size, and cost-effective.

For almost 40 years, Dynetics has been a trusted partner to Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and contractors in undertaking many of the most challenging scientific and engineering problems. This experience has established Dynetics as a leader in weapons systems research and development.

An important part of our work involves providing customers with high-performance instrumentation solutions for test and evaluation of weapons systems. The result of this experience is a comprehensive suite of compact-sized telemetry products that offers an unparalleled combination of reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness: the Dynetics MIS.

The primary advantage of the MIS is its configurability for numerous applications, with custom features added to existing designs without the need to redesign the entire system, resulting in time and money savings. Examples of common configurations are the Dynetics Modular Telemetry System (MTS); the Dynetics MIS Data Recorder; and the Dynetics GPS Time, Space, and Position Information (TSPI) Data Recorder System.


  • Ruggedized architecture
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Flight proven in a range of missile environments


  • Compact size affords diverse system integration options
  • Modular design permits custom solutions


  • Minimal integration time and costs
  • Minimal engineering time and costs

Features and Benefits of the MIS

Open Architecture Telemetry and Instrumentation System (OATIS)

Another telemetry application is OATIS, a modular system designed to make, log, and transmit inertial and various other measurements to a ground station. It includes two subsystems: 1) Airborne Payload, with airborne control unit (ACU), RF modem and blade antenna, C-MIGITS III GPS/INS and antenna (optional), and smart sensor nodes; and 2) Ground Station, with ground station server, control panel, moving map display, and strip-charts.

OATIS provides the following benefits to the UAS flight test environment:

  • An independent measurement system to assist in evaluating aircraft performance and system functionality
  • A flexible data acquisition subsystem (DAS) that allows efficient integration of new sensors as new test measurement requirements are identified
  • Situational awareness for the test conductor
  • Real-time visualization of measurement data during flight

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