Serving an array of industries

For today’s complex enterprises – whether in one of many government or commercial sectors - protecting against cybersecurity risks is mission-critical, as is meeting compliance. To be sure, profits are at stake, but much more is also typically at risk. Dynetics offers professional services, as well as industry-leading software and hardware products, to assist customers in dealing with cyber challenges and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.


Educational institutions rely on Dynetics for wireless and data center solutions. More and more tablets, smartphones, and electronic classrooms are being used, resulting in bandwidth-hungry environments. Customers choose us because of our expertise with wireless site surveys, our experience with planning, our execution of complex projects such as campus-wide installations, our ability to deliver world-class solutions from vendors such as Cisco and Adtran, and our experience with sizing and implementing data centers.

Dynetics also helps educational institutions at all levels to secure networks and protect sensitive information. A tremendous amount of personal data creates privacy concerns, as well as requirements to comply with various regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Financial institutions are prime targets for cyber thieves. As business and financial institutions continue to adopt Internet-based commerce systems, the opportunities for cyber crime increase. Financial institutions face increasing customer demand for data security and severe penalties due to data security breaches.

Dynetics will assist with regulatory compliance, network security, and disaster recovery planning. We perform security assessments and other services to help ensure networks are safe and provide peace of mind for your day-to-day business.


Healthcare providers look to Dynetics for networking, data center solutions, outsourced IT services, and security support. We bring an extensive healthcare IT expertise, with a deep background in best practices for Electronic Medical Records (EMA) compliance, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Protected Health Information (PHI).

Healthcare facilities have a growing need for storage and computing with providers using smartphones and tablets, along with virtual desktops. Dynetics’ role as a Cisco premier partner with data center specialization allows us to design best-in-class data center and storage solutions, virtual desktop infrastructure environments, and identity management solutions.

IE-Dynetics has earned their position as a strategic partner to Huntsville Hospital. They have skilled engineers, they are responsive to our needs, and they are agnostic in their approach to solving technical problems. Those are all important attributes of a vendor partner. But the thing I value most is our relationship… I trust them.
- Rick Corn, CIO Huntsville Hospital


Manufacturing companies trust Dynetics to take their operations seriously. Our customers appreciate our ability to reach back to our staff of hundreds of highly trained IT professionals to meet their unique challenges. We can provide the right skills at the right time. Manufacturing companies are at risk of losing intellectual property to cyber thieves, not being in compliance, and failing to sustain an ever-growing dependence on your IT systems.

We build data systems, provide voice over IP systems, connect multi-national sites, support outsourced managed services, monitor network systems, practice Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), set up data centers, and provide outsourced IT/managed services.

State and Local Government

State and local governments rely on Dynetics to assist them in strengthening their security posture. We provide information security assessment services (ISAS) experts to perform vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, source code reviews, information security program assessment services, system design services, data loss prevention services, and limited data and network forensics services.

Dynetics also provides government agencies with cybersecurity services, including assistance with accreditations and validation. Our work is to help agencies stay compliant with the policies that validators will review. We also conduct annual FISMA testing to determine if changes have taken place, non-intrusive compliance testing to ensure systems are in compliance with regulators, and penetration testing to discover and deal with system and network vulnerabilities.

State Agencies in Tennessee: You can take advantage of services available through the State of Tennessee Information Security Assessment Services (ISAS) Contract.


Telecommunications providers (telcos) look to Dynetics to provide network security for them and their customers. Dynetics is designing networks for tens of thousands of people that cannot fail. We utilized cyber security systems engineering (CSSE) expertise to design and implement a secure next-generation service provider network for important critical infrastructure in the state of Alabama. Dynetics network engineers developed the process secure visualization and instrumentation (SVI) for critical infrastructures.

Services we provide to telcos include wireless, 3G, 4G, and DSL; fiber to the home; dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM); Sonet; multiprotocol label switching (MPLS); and triple play (voice, video, and internet over a single medium).

I would not have attempted to offer IP/TV prior to deploying the Cisco solution because we simply did not have the required security, QoS, monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities. Now we do.
- Jerry Smith, Internet Operations Manager Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative


Utility companies choose Dynetics for cybersecurity assessments for our breadth of experience and ability to connect specific vulnerabilities back through best practices and regulations. This is particularly important as today’s utility providers face a variety of challenges, including requirements to adhere to numerous government standards and regulations and mandates to invest in upgrades that will result in greater efficiency. Of course, utilities also are faced with protecting their IT security and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Dynetics leverages expertise in planning, architecting, implementing, and securing complex networks to advise utility customers on the unique trust relationships between systems and how to properly segment and protect those resources from compromise. Dynetics will assess corporate networks, enterprise resource planning systems, and industrial control systems (ICS), as well as your public-facing web presence, to identify potential operational risks, security vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Our extensive experience in the assessment, identification, and mitigation of network and system-related vulnerabilities can help certify that business functions and systems are appropriately protected. We have the network systems engineering expertise to design, integrate, and implement complex network technologies, including Smart Grids, which are applicable for critical infrastructure, tactical, and enterprise network projects. Our services include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system vulnerability assessments, adaptive network defenses, and penetration testing.

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