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U.S. will keep lead in space with NASA's launch system

Authors: Douglas Cooke, Stephen Cook, David King
Published in Orlando Sentinel

Responsive, Low Cost Launch of Nanosatellites and Technology Demonstrations

Authors: Steve Cook, Steve Mustaikis, Rich White
Courtesy of IAF

FASTSAT - Mission Results from the Space Test Program S26 Mission

Author: Steve Cook
Courtesy of IAF

Low Cost Microsatellites For Expanded Mission Capabilities

Authors: Steve Cook and Mike Graves
Courtesy of IAF

An Experimental Investigation of Grid Fin Drag Reduction Techniques

Author: Mark Miller

Enabling an Affordable, Advanced Liquid Booster for NASA’s Space Launch System

Author: Steve Cook
Courtesy of IAF

Grid Fins - A New Concept for Missile Stability and Control

Author: Mark Miller

Development and Test of a 90% H202/Kerosene Descent Thruster for the Rocket City Space Pioneers’ Google X PRIZE Lunar Lander

Authors: Anthony Brinkley, Mark Wells, and Chase Renegar

A COTS-based Asynchronous Distributed Array Processor Utilizing Reduced-Rank STAP

Authors: Wilbur L. Myrick, J. Scott Goldstein, Michael L. Picciolo

Compressive Sensing for Radar STAP

Authors: Wilbur L. Myrick, J. Scott Goldstein, Michael L. Picciolo

Vendor Persistent Threat Whitepaper

Author: Dynetics Information Engineering Solutions

The Irony of the Cybersecurity Insurance Market

Author: Robert Dowling

ThreatScape: Analyzing an Unsophisticated yet Highly Effective Threat

Author: Dynetics Information Engineering Solutions

Digital Energy – BPT (Abstract)

Author: Paul Coggin

DFARS Compliance Whitepaper

Author: Greg Jackson

Podcasts and Media Interviews

Defending America by Being GroundAware

Subject Matter Experts: Mike Stokes, Tom Gates

Brakeing Security - Interview with Paul Coggin

Subject Matter Expert: Paul Coggin

Cybersecurity Expert Discusses Data Breaches (WHNT Channel 19 Leadership Perspectives)

Subject Matter Expert: Shane Hammett

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