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Family of reconfigurable surveillance sensors
Introducing the newest model in the GroundAware family, GA1360

GroundAware Radar

GroundAware is a family of advanced, affordable, and reconfigurable surveillance sensors that detects intrusions in real time and instantaneously provides actionable information on potential threats.

Using digital beamforming radar, GroundAware continuously monitors areas of concern up to a range of 3 km in all weather and lighting conditions. When detected, intrusions are tracked in real time, as GroundAware automatically generates location/direction/ speed details, slews cameras for visual assessment, triggers alarms, and sends alerts—it even classifies intruders as humans, animals, vehicles, or aircraft.

GroundAware is fully configurable, easy to integrate with other systems, and can be installed in a few hours. With its intuitive interface, GroundAware delivers rich situational awareness that critical infrastructure owners need to respond to intrusions as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

For owner/operators needing a straightforward, cost-effective approach to CIP-014 perimeter security, GroundAware provides a powerful surveillance technology platform.

< $60 per acre

Coverage for huge areas for 1/10 cost
1 unit surveils 2,000 acres

8x per second

Updated data ensures accuracy & reliability
No false alarms; rejects nuisances

Intelligent alarms & alerts

Classify targets, focus on real threats
Harnesses power of geo-data

Fast, easy integration

Camera, VMS, access control, C2, and more
Low or no cost to integrate

Fully Mobile

Real-time data any time, anywhere
Enables fastest response

Lifecycle & support

Fast install, configuration & training
Warranty & ongoing support

GroundAware 4120 Specifications

  • Architecture: simultaneous multiple beams
  • Instrumented range: 100 m to 3.75 km
  • Walker Detection Range: >2 km
  • Coverage: 120° per face
  • Range resolution: 10 m
  • Minimum detectable velocity: 0.5 m/sec
  • Frequency: Software defined within S Band
  • Selectable frequency sub-bands: 10
  • Web-based, iOS/Android-compatible intuitive interface
  • 4-Hz software-defined update rate
  • Email/SMS text alerting
  • User-defined alarm and ignore zones
  • User-defined alarm criteria per zone
  • Wired or wireless data connectivity
  • Remotely administrable

GroundAware 1360

Introducing GA1360! GA1360 is the newest model in the GroundAware family of surveillance sensors. It brings a new level of 360° situation awareness for critical infrastructure perimeter protection.

This new product automates real-time detection, tracking, and response to intruders within 1 km range – that’s more than 750 acres with a single sensor. Similar specifications as GroundAware Classic but with 1 km range and 500 meter walker detection range.

GroundAware 1360
GroundAware 1360

The Digital Beamforming Advantage

For traditional scanning radars, slower targets require longer dwell time, which means reduced revisit time and surveillance volume. For you, this means a loss of valuable lead time and accuracy in threat detection.

The digital beamforming radar at the heart of GroundAware observes the entire sector in one dwell, detecting intrusions as they happen to instantaneously provide you with actionable information on potential threats.

Traditional scanning radar

GroundAware digital beamforming radar

  • Slower targets require longer dwell
  • Traditional radars trade dwell time for revisit time and surveillance volume
  • Digital beamforming achieves dwell time equal to revisit time by observing entire sector in one dwell
  • Requires multi-channel digital receiver
  • Enables fine Doppler measurements for target identification

Industry / Applications

Critical infrastructure security stakeholders can look to GroundAware to help them protect their perimeters and restricted areas at airports, power plants, electrical substations, drilling sites, prisons, forward operating bases, and other facilities. Any critical infrastructure with exposed perimeters and extensive grounds will benefit from GroundAware.


Utility owners look to GroundAware to protect their perimeters and restricted areas. Whether power generation plants or electrical substations, GroundAware provides easy-to-install and integrate perimeter surveillance.


Airport owners need a system to protect their perimeters and restricted areas, no matter the weather conditions. GroundAware integrates easily with your existing infrastructure while eliminating or minimizing nuisance alarms.

Oil & Gas

Maintaining your infrastructure is critical to your business and the safety of your employees. GroundAware can help protect your facilities around the clock against theft, vandalism, etc. GroundAware is easy to set up and use, and it can be moved to your next drilling site without issue.


GroundAware can help protect your perimeter and restricted areas in all weather conditions, ensuring the smooth operation of your business and the safety of your employees. GroundAware integrates easily with your existing infrastructure while eliminating or minimizing nuisance alarms.


Whether you are concerned about outside intrusions coming into prison grounds or something or someone going out, GroundAware provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for real-time surveillance of large prison facilities.


Forward operating bases or any military installation is at risk from ground-based and airborne threats. GroundAware detects and helps respond to unmanned aerial systems, ground-based actors, vehicles, and more. With its real-time monitoring and alert capabilities, GroundAware offers unmatched protection for perimeters and restricted areas.

Competitive Comparison

GroundAware is a flexible, cost-effective platform for providing real-time surveillance of large, extensive perimeters and grounds.

Solution Human Role Units Range Accuracy/Reliability Cost
Simultaneous Multi-beam S-band radar Flexible: respond to auto alerts or monitor 1 3+ km All-hour/weather - humans, animals, vehicles Few units to cover large areas; easy to implement
Humans 24x7 involvement Varies Visual contact Visual contact required Requires 24x7 coverage with expensive human labor
Cameras Constant monitoring Varies Varies Limited by range, weather Many cameras for coverage and expensive infrastructure, limited by weather
Microwave Respond, manage infrastructure 4 <500m Soil type, etc. for buried systems; high false alarm rates Higher TCO W/4+ parts; requires extensive trenching and cabling, yet is prone to false alarms
Small, high-frequency radar Respond, manage, infrastructure, interface & design 4-6 850 m Limited in range & weather, limited tracking capabilities Multiple subsystem & 3rd-party costs to integrate cameras, improve tracking

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