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Dynetics Ethics Statement

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Dynetics. It is our policy to do business with our customers and our vendors in an ethical professional manner. Dynetics has built a reputation based upon ethics and integrity. We hold our employees to a high standard and expect nothing less from our suppliers. This high standard requires our suppliers to be honest, meet commitments, develop and follow fair business practices, deliver quality products at a fair value, report unethical behavior, and require the same of their employees and subcontractors. 

Should you observe or suspect any situation which you consider to be unethical or illegal relating to Dynetics, our employees or representatives, please report this activity via this contact page, contact ethics. Our Ethics Review Panel monitors this email and will hold your report in confidence to the extent permitted by applicable law.


Dynetics Quality Management

Dynetics has a commitment that our end products and services are of the highest quality, as well as safe for the end user and to the general public. As part of our Quality Management System controls, Dynetics maintains an Approved Supplier List for product and service providers that have been confirmed to share that same commitment.  As an approved provider, you and your products or services are integral to our end product’s quality and safety, and for that reason, we have high expectations of your contributions to these areas.  Together we can assure the excellence of quality and safety of our shared products and services.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the Dynetics Approved Supplier List, please complete our Vendor Application Form.


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Download Dynetics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Download Dynetics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (WORD)

Download Supplier Certifications and Representations (PDF)

“It is Dynetics' intent to ensure that small and large businesses are given equal opportunity to compete for subcontracting opportunities.  As a large business, required to meet small business subcontracting goals, we encourage our staff to seek out suppliers who offer best value, regardless of socioeconomic size.”  David King, CEO


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If you are interested in becoming a Dynetics customer, please complete the New Customer Credit Application Request.

The GSA Contracts Schedule provides opportunities to do business with Dynetics.