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Critical Infrastructure Security

For more than 40 years, Dynetics has delivered advanced security capabilities for national defense, utilities, health care, transportation, education, financial, and other critical sectors. Our technical and domain expertise has helped customers discover, analyze, mitigate, and communicate threats.

Today’s critical infrastructure owners and operators, more than ever, are looking for the ability to detect and respond ASAP to cyber and physical threats. Security and resilience depend on it. This is why Dynetics innovates cyber and physical security solutions and delivers them cost-effectively and responsively.

Our mission in both the cyber and physical security realms is to help customers detect, understand, and respond to threats as quickly as possible.

New approach to managing cyber risks

Cyber RiskScope charts

Protecting networks and systems that deliver essential services in every sector is a national priority that necessitates understanding and managing cyber risks continually and systematically.

For nearly two decades, Dynetics has used deep technical expertise to build security into customers’ networks and systems throughout their life cycle. We plan, design, implement, and test networks and systems to be secure and resilient.

But there’s also the need for effective ongoing cyber risk management. Dynetics has introduced Cyber RiskScope® solutions to give board members, executives, and risk managers unique visibility into the business impact of cyber incidents, most likely threats, and appropriate levels of cybersecurity.

Designed to fit diverse requirements and budgets, Cyber RiskScope products and services provide the information needed to assess, mitigate, and manage cyber risk for all types and sizes of organizations.

Real-time situational awareness

Electrical substations, power plants, airports, drilling sites, prisons, and other facilities are constantly at risk from physical threats -- humans, vehicles, aircraft, drones, and even animals. Sure, fences and cameras are important tools. But today’s owner/operators need real-time situational awareness if they are to respond to threats as they happen.

GroundAware® from Dynetics is an easy-to-implement, cost-effective family of reconfigurable surveillance sensors that detects intrusions as they happen and instantaneously provides responders with actionable information via the web.

Built on next-generation radar technology, GroundAware integrates with video and other systems to continuously monitor areas of concern in all weather and lighting conditions. GroundAware automatically tracks intrusions, generates location details, slews cameras to follow targets and triggers alarms and alerts. First for its class, GroundAware automatically classifies intruders as humans, animals, aircraft or vehicles. And all this comes with minimal false or nuisance alarms.

Making informed assessments and taking appropriate actions regarding physical security threats—for even the most extensive perimeters and grounds—is faster, easier, more reliable, and more affordable with GroundAware.

GroundAware unit and desktop

Low-impact, low-cost approach to CIP-014 compliance