Quality assurance = brand loyalty
Verifying all electrical systems before vehicles leave manufacturing
Next-gen testing products for auto manufacturing
Saving time and money with real-time quality information


Helping ensure customer satisfaction

Dynetics has helped change how automobile manufacturers ensure the quality of their products. We’ve done this by equipping manufacturers to easily and thoroughly test electrical systems in all vehicles, not just random samples, in real time before leaving the assembly line. The result: Defects or problems can be detected and corrected without delay…costs in time, money, and frustration avoided.

Supporting the automotive lifecycle

The Dynetics suite of products includes electrical diagnostic systems, engineering diagnostic tools, and vehicle data loggers that support R&D, engineering, validation, manufacturing, and service for commercial automotive vehicles throughout the lifecycle.

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The Dynetics difference

Why has Dynetics become a trusted partner to automobile manufacturers? The answer begins with our deep experience with vehicle diagnostics and focus on quality, reliability, durability, and safety. But they also appreciate our flexible approach to working with them to develop products to meet diverse, evolving needs.

Used at 50+ manufacturing sites

Dynetics is a global supplier to the automotive market. Our products, along with support from Dynetics engineers, are in use at more than 50 assembly plants, engineering technical centers, and proving grounds in the U.S. and abroad.